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La Salina Beach
Hotel & Cantina
Baja California, Mexico
KM 73

Directions into Mexico:

San Diego travel South on the 5 freeway, cross over the International border….after about ½ of a mile get into the right lane look for a sign that says Ensenada Couta (Toll Road) you will turn right and merge onto the road that runs parallel to the U.S. Border.

Go up the hill and you will have to veer left at the top of the hill and then go down the hill…at the bottom you will turn right and merge onto another road…follow the signs Ensenada Couta or Rosarito Couta…You will hit the toll road in about 2 minutes…pay the $2 toll and your home free….all you do now is head South looking at the little white kilometer signs on the right side of the highway.

Rosarito Beach km 35

Cantamar km 53

La Salina Beach km 73

As you go South you will pass Rosarito Beach, pay another toll then keep heading South past Puerto Nuevo then Cantamar ( the sand dunes) and about 10 minutes after that you will see an exit, La Salina…turn right. (There is also a boat marina located there “Puerto Salina Marina”) Go towards the ocean and you turn right between two pillars…look for the signs

La Salina Beach Hotel & Cantina…. Km73

You're there..!

Baja California Map

Most A rated American insurance companies cover your vehicle for collision and theft up to 50 miles into Mexico. American policies do not provide liability coverage in Mexico and are not recognized as proof of financial responsibility. Mexican law requires that you provide proof of financial responsibility from a Mexican insurance company if you are involved in an accident.
Baja Bound is an agent for two reputable Mexican auto insurance companies. You can purchase insurance online and print it out yourself. Their website has a lot of good information on Baja - Travel Tips, Destination Guide, Activity Guide and more.
Green Angels
The Green Angels are a federally sponsored organization that patrols Mexico's main highways from 8 am to 8 pm. The Green Angels are trained mechanics who are also trained in basic first aid and carry oil, gasoline spare parts, tools and communications capabilities. You will only be charged for the equipment used; ie gasoline or spare parts, not for the mechanics services. The Green Angels get their name from the green and white trucks they drive.

Ensenada – (617) 646-85
Tijuana – (66) 24-34-79

When you are in Mexico and want to call the United States using your cell phone, dial 001 before the number.
When you are in Mexico and want to call Mexico using your cell phone, dial 01 before the 8 digit number.
SENTRI Hours & Current Border Wait Time Information
Please see the La Salina Cantina website for SENTRI hours and the current border wait times for San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, Tecate and Calexico.